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Donna Stevens Avatar
Donna S.
4/29/2022 - Google
I only use family owned businesses because they care way more than big box stores. A perfect example, I arrived at Reliant Pharmacy right as they closed. A helpful and cheerful Samantha P was able to get my prescription filled to save my suffering until the morning, when they reopen. A little kindness goes so far. I am so grateful that we have Reliant Pharmacy in our town.
Lawrence Lucier Avatar
Lawrence L.
9/29/2021 - Google
I had an excellent experience at Reliant. Good service, and my particular medication was a fraction of the price the box store down the street wanted. They had very good advice about other medications too. Reliant Pharmacy is an excellent resource in Southbury.
Arlyne Russo Avatar
Arlyne R.
9/29/2021 - Google
My prescription was filled quickly and arrived within a day. Working with the pharmacist was a pleasure. I will definitely continue to use Reliant Pharmacy in the future.
9/29/2021 - Google
Lovely 'Lil Country Pharmacy where U R not just a Customer, but become part of their Reliant Family! They even deliver 2 home bound folks, which would NEVER happen w/a CVS type Big Chain!
Jdinct Avatar
9/29/2021 - Google
Incredibly efficient and helpful! They could not have made it any easier for me. Customer service is top notch and they have the tech side down pat which makes it so easy to navigate as a consumer online
Rebekah Francisco Avatar
Rebekah F.
9/29/2021 - Google
Had a great experience here for a cream that only this pharmacy was able to make for me. Pharmacist was pleasant and answered all of my questions. I definitely recommend Reliant Pharmacy!
Amandamarline Avatar
9/29/2021 - Google
The staff here are super nice,professional, & fast/efficient! Definitely would recommend to come here for medicinal needs.
Monique S Avatar
Monique S.
9/29/2021 - Google
Nice customer service and shipping is always on time along with text regarding your prescription
Brendan Respas Avatar
Brendan R.
9/29/2021 - Google
Great Service! Very quick on delivery, and very nice employee's.