Customized Compounded Solutions for Pediatric Patients

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that affects the skin, causing inflamed and scaly patches. At Reliant Compounded Solutions, we recognize the challenges faced by pediatric patients with psoriasis and the importance of providing tailored treatment options. Through compounding, healthcare providers can create personalized topical formulations that incorporate specific medications known to manage psoriatic symptoms in children. These compounds can be customized in terms of strength and dosage to meet the unique needs of each pediatric patient, ensuring maximum efficacy while minimizing potential side effects.

Customized Compounded Solutions: PsoriaRelief Cream

One of the sample compounds we offer for pediatric psoriasis treatment is PsoriaRelief Cream. This specially formulated topical cream combines low-dose corticosteroids with moisturizing agents, providing a multifaceted approach to alleviate inflammation and provide relief for psoriatic lesions in children. The precise combination of ingredients in PsoriaRelief Cream is designed to target the underlying mechanisms of psoriasis and promote improved skin health.

Key Ingredients and Their Mechanism of Action

  • Corticosteroids: Low-dose corticosteroids, such as hydrocortisone or clobetasol, are commonly used in psoriasis treatment due to their anti-inflammatory properties. These medications help reduce redness, itching, and scaling by suppressing the immune response and reducing inflammation in the affected areas of the skin1.

  • Moisturizing Agents: PsoriaRelief Cream incorporates moisturizing agents, such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid, to help hydrate and soothe the skin. Moisturizers play a crucial role in managing psoriasis as they help improve skin barrier function and reduce dryness, which is commonly associated with psoriatic skin2.

  • Emollients: Emollients, like petrolatum or shea butter, are included in PsoriaRelief Cream to soften and smooth the skin. They help enhance moisturization, reduce itching, and prevent water loss, contributing to overall skin health3.

  • Anti-inflammatory Agents: Along with corticosteroids, PsoriaRelief Cream may incorporate additional anti-inflammatory agents, such as calcineurin inhibitors (e.g., tacrolimus or pimecrolimus), to help suppress the immune response and reduce inflammation in psoriatic skin4.
It’s important to note that the specific ingredients and their concentrations in compounded formulations can be customized to suit each pediatric patient’s unique needs and response to treatment. The dosage and strength of these ingredients can be adjusted by healthcare providers to ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes while minimizing potential side effects.

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At Reliant Compounded Solutions, we prioritize the safety and well-being of every patient we serve. While we strive to create customized compounded formulations to address the specific needs of pediatric patients with eczema, it is important to note that not all ingredients may be compatible with every individual.

We understand the complexities of each patient’s medical history, allergies, and sensitivities. Therefore, we advise healthcare providers to reach out to us directly for more information regarding specific ingredients, potential interactions, or any other concerns they may have. Our team of knowledgeable pharmacists can provide additional guidance and support to ensure the most suitable treatment options for their patients.

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At Reliant Compounded Solutions, we are dedicated to providing customized compounded formulations and supporting healthcare providers in their efforts to meet the unique needs of each individual patient.