Dental / Oral Care

Reliant Compounded Solutions is different. We stock a wide selection of pharmaceutical ingredients and components, which we can use to compound for you with a prescription from your dentist, periodontist or orthodontist. We work with dental professionals to determine the proper strength and dosage form to treat a variety of oral conditions and dental challenges.

  • Oral Thrush 
  • Dry Socket 
  • Canker Sores & Oral Lesions 
  • Pain and Infection
  • Viral Lesions/Dry Mouth/Mucositis/Stomatitis 
  • Anxiety Medications, Pre- & Post-Procedural
    • Chloral Hydrate (dye-free sedative)
  • Alternative Methods of Drug Delivery:
    • Dental Ointments & Pastes
    • Oral, Topical, Gels 
    • Mucosal Bandages 
    • Lip Balms 
    • Lollipops 
    • Oral Sprays
    • Mouthwashes and Rinses 
    • Sublinguals/Troches/Topical Sprays 
    • Capsules 
    • Pleasantly Flavored Medications 
    • Sugar-Free, Lactose-Free, Gluten-Free, Preservatives-Free, Dye-Free
    • Difficult-to-Find, Backordered, or Commercially Unavailable Medications